Marianne Sørensen - co-founding member of the Danish Chamber Orchestra

I simply love my recently bought Viaud-violin, and am looking forward for it to flourish even more in the time to come.

Jérémie Nazé - Freelance, Paris

I commissioned a viola from Noémie in 2019 and I can’t thank her enough for her amazing work. My viola has exactly the sound that I was looking for. Noémie is a very attentive person with whom I had fascinating discussions. Thanks to her talent, I have the immense pleasure of playing a magnificent instrument.

Claudia Osés, Spain - Violinist at

I’m in love with my Viaud violin. It has a very round sound with astonishing quality. I can fly through its strings and I’m a much better violinist thanks to it. I’m really grateful for having this violin in my life.

Carl-Oscar Østerlind - Cellist,

In Autumn 2019, I had been on the look out for an instrument for quite some time. Having tried many instruments, old and new, at various luthiers and dealers in London and Copenhagen, one day I got to try Noémie’s new cello. The first thing that struck me was that it felt very comfortable to play. It has a great bass and an A-string that sings beautifully. I tried it in a concert hall, comparing it to old master instruments by Grancino, Testore and Tecchler and found that already then, it could compete with these great instruments. Built with supreme craft(wo)manship, this instrument already has many wonderful sound qualities, and I believe it has the potential of becoming a top instrument.

Claus Myrup, The Danish National Symphony Orchestra, solo viola player

I had been looking for a new viola for quite few years and I had tried all the instruments that passed my way. In September 2015, I was handed a viola that I completely fell for from the first minut. I brought it home and compared it with my Storioni and I also compared it too many old master instruments and new made ones. I played symphony and chamber music on it and decided to buy it. It is very easy and comfortable to play, it’s well balanced and has a round and complexed sound and it has an incredible volume in the hall. So now, I'm a lucky and happy owner of a beautiful viola built by Noémie Viaud.

Yorrick Troman - Concert master, Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra

Our relation to our instrument is such a complex thing. We put so much of our confidence in it, have to trust it, believe that it will be there for us in any situation. Noémie's violin is a fantastic instrument, easy to play, balanced, powerful, with a rich tone that makes me focus entirely on my personal task: play music! I mainly play as concertmaster, which is a difficult situation for the instrument. Need the sound to mix in the group... But also pop up and fill the hall whenever a solo comes.  You can hear Noémie's violin in my trio's recording: Les Tromano Gran Bazar.

Ananna Maria Lützhøft - cellist, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

I commissioned a cello from Noémie Viaud in 2014 and being part of the making process was a wonderful experience. I play my cello everyday in the AASO and it has a powerful , warm and responsive sound. It’s a real pleasure to play it! Noémie has also been very good at understanding my preferences and at carrying out the necessary adjustments.

Jaime Amador - Harlem Quartet

I own a viola that was a common project in between Noémie and the American luthier, Ryan Soltis. My viola is powerful, quick responding and warm, I love it!

Idinna Alsbirk Lützhøft - Violonist, Copenhagen Phil

Since my time in the conservatory, I had been lucky that a foundation lent me beautiful, old and expensive violins. Since they are on loan, I had been looking for an instrument to call my own, but it seemed impossible to find a violin that both lived up to my professional requirements and was in my price range. When I received Noémie's violin, I was immediately convinced that here was the replacement of my little Amati. Her violin has a big and effortless sound, beautiful color and is easy to play. It blends well into the symphony orchestra, but it also has enough power and charm for solo and chamber music. I'm glad to finally have found my instrument and I’m looking forward to the lifelong relationship we have started.

Jane Clark - Freelance fiddler

As soon as I played Noémie's violin I was spellbound. Its vibrations wrapped so warmly and completely around me that, within 24 hours, I had already made my plea to play it again! Noémie's level of professionalism is exceptional. So too is her sophisticated attention to detail and mastery in creating sonorous new instruments ready to be played on stage today! She had the violin hand delivered and together we tailored a choice of strings and chin rest. I perform in a variety of styles and genres and I will be proud to take Noémie's violin onto any stage and into any studio. Furthermore, I'm honoured to be the custodian of this stunning new instrument; to nurture it at the beginning of its very long journey..

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

We were so thrilled about Claus Myrup’s Viaud viola that we ordered one from Noémie. We’ve had it for a while now and everyone in the viola group is very delighted about it!

Enrique Santiago Cabrera - freelance violinist, London, Isbilia quartet

I had tried many different violins for years, looking for the one that would convince me. When I played a Viaud violin for the first time, it was exactly what I had been looking for! Well compensated, easy to play and with a warm and powerful sound. I really felt in love with this violin and each day with it, I love it even more! It’s a great pleasure to play on it

Henrik Brendstrup - Cellist, Professor at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus ,Denmark

Having followed the fine craftmanship and admired Noémie´s beautiful instruments from
the distance over some years now, I can now finally call myself the happy owner of a Viaud cello!
It´s a great sounding instrument, elegantly build, and with endless possibilities of development.
I am very much looking forward to the inspirational work of exploring the instrument further, and to make beautiful music on this masterpiece.

Sidsel Feher Most - Freelance musician, Copenhagen

It’s hard to put words to describe how happy I am with my Viaud-Aupperle viola! It's clear, articulate, incredibly easy to play, you can play wildly fast and at the same time have the most amazing sound. I'm so happy!

Rosalía López Sánchez - Freelance viola player, London, Isbilia quartet

I tried violas in many different places. They were good instruments but none of them fully convinced me. I was looking for an instrument with a good balance between the lower and higher registry, with a sound powerful enough to fill up a big hall but at the same time with a sweet and beautiful timbre and tone. I loved Noémie's viola since the first time I played it and every day this instrument is captivating me more and more. It is easy to play and very beautiful. I am really happy with this viola.

Wouter Vercruysse - Cellist, Belgium

In 2011 I fell in love for the first time with a modern instrument. My Viaud cello is very agile to play on, lightweight, , and willing to make sound, speaking directly. It produces a big open sound which can be variously colored. It is also gorgeous to look at, with a special red lack - I nicknamed it Den lille Rødhætte. My Viaud cello has become my faithful and reliable companion since then.

Jørgen Dickmeiss -

Since I have had my Noémie Viaud violin, it has developed really well and I am extremely pleased with its sound, egality and strength and it responds incredibly fast and is easy to play. I loved it from the start and it has developed well with more depth in the sound. I am very grateful to have found this violin. A perfect match!

Kristian Bugge - Folk music fiddler from Denmark

My Viaud violin sings and vibrates incredibly beautifully. It has a very nice open, round and deep sound and it’s easy to play. It’s egal in all registers and reacts very quickly. I was unlucky to get my first Viaud violin stolen which means that I have owned and played two of Noémie’s instruments and both with great pleasure. It was a big relief to feel home again when the one I’m playing now was finally ready!

Cristian Fatu - Assistant Concertmaster, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra Violin

I am one of the two violinists that participated in the double blind test which was organized by Claudia Fritz and members of the Acoustics and Makers Workshop at Oberlin in 2015. I had the pleasure of testing violins made by some of the most talented and renowned contemporary makers. The violin made by Noémie Viaud ranked in the top 2 of the instruments that were chosen and preferred by the players and listeners. At first I was impressed by the sound I could produce on her violin and when I got to see it, by the refined craftsmanship and attention to detail. I endorse her work and encourage any player to try her instruments.